Each brewery can enter as many beers as they like.
A maximum of three beers can be entered in the same category.
A beer can be entered in one category only.
It is not allowed to enter the same beer in more than one category.
The brewery has to communicate the style that inspires their participating beers.

If a beer is out of style then the jury decides on the most appropriate style and communicates it to the brewery. This beer will not be judged in the actual competition.

It is possible to enter beers of all the styles listed in the BJCP 2015.


Entrants have to complete the appropriate forms in which they explicitly accept the terms and conditions of the competition and enclose proof of payment. They have to register for the competition and the BEER CRAFT festival at the same time. The organization can make exceptions and allow potential subsequent registrations. Registration takes place via email or fax and is valid once confirmed via email or fax by the organizers. The organization reserves the right to exclude or refuse to accept the entry of a brewery or to revoke an award if the competition rules are violated.

The registration is for free.


The beer samples have to be received by 2pm on Friday 13th April 2018. The beers have to be labelled as they are commercially available.

Each brewery must send:

  • 8 bottles/cans of 0.5l or 75cl, or
  • 14 bottles/cans of 0.33l

to the following address:

Via A. Hofer 30, 39100 Bolzano (BZ), Italy

The organizers accept no responsibility for damage in transport.