The KuBo Award is organized by the constantia GmbH in collaboration with the BEER CRAFT.

The KuBo Award is given to beers of high quality and character from all over the world. The aim is to give visibility and professional feedback, both sensory and technical, to all breweries that are taking part in the Bolzano BEER CRAFT festival.


The competition is open to independent breweries from all over the world, that are registered as active commercial breweries and whom comply with the laws and regulations in their country of origin. The breweries must produce the participating beers in their own plant and market them with their own brand.

Only breweries that have signed up for the current edition of Bolzano BEER CRAFT can enter the competition. The participating beers must be commercially available, in regular production and have to be available at the Beer Craft Festival.

Gypsy-Brewers can compete with commercially available beers.


  • The Bronze KuBo Trophy is awarded to all excellent beers.
  • The Silver KuBo Trophy is awarded to all outstanding beers.
  • The Gold KuBo Trophy is awarded to all divine beers.

The award ceremony will take place during the Bolzano BEER CRAFT festival.
The participants who are not awarded a trophy will not be disclosed or publicized.


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